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Interesting Links on EM and Social Singularity

Bees Solve Complex Problems Faster than Supercomputers:

This is directly relevant to both swarm intelligence and AI. Also bears links to embodied cognition.


Getting Things Done: The Science Behind Stress-Free Productivity:

A very interesting paper on the science of the productivity method GTD, embodied cognition, and swarm intelligence. The concept of stigmergy links nicely with the article above. See also Olli’s post on ants.



A Finnish company dedicated to bringing about a new level of crowdsourcing. Once again, links to the above.


Daily Crowdsource

An interesting source for the latest in crowdsourcing.


Top Ten Mobile Trends

Mobile is reaching critical mass as we speak. How soon can we integrate all this connectivity into working information-sharing services?


Facebook’s Questions

Can Facebook’s questions platform grow to be the social singularity?


Brain-Computer Implants

On the tech side, some interesting developments


Human Exoskeletons

This too shows some promising man-machine integration paths.



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